Not Another Minimalist Bedroom Tour

I was excited for this post. I was going to share what our bedroom looks like. I was going to show you how few knick-knacks we have, the type of bedding we currently use, and my big fluffy throw pillows. I was going to show you how simple our bedroom has become since de-cluttering it a couple of years ago. I was going to show you how a small master bedroom is all you really need. I was going to do a minimalist bedroom tour because who doesn't like to snoop around someone else's house and see their take on minimalism? I know I do...

...That is until I read this post by Cait Flanders and changed my mind altogether. Her post, A Home is Meant to Be Lived In, Not Looked At really opened my eyes and made me rethink what I would achieve through posting something like a minimalist bedroom tour; after reading what she had to say on the matter I realized the answer was not much.

"It doesn’t matter what my home looks like or what your home looks like. It doesn’t matter what “decorating style” we are, what colours we are most drawn to or where we bought everything. And it certainly doesn’t matter if it all matches. All that matters is that we use it. Because at the end of the day, your home doesn’t need to be ready to have its picture taken. It’s sole purpose is to provide shelter. But here is what I will share: stories about what happens in this home. The friends who come to visit. The things we do. The memories we make. And the adventures we go on, when we walk out and lock the door behind us. That is what life is all about."

And indeed that is what life is all about. If I am going to spend the time de-cluttering, paring down, getting rid, donating, and letting go of my possessions I want it to be because I am making room for more of what matters, and not so I can share picture perfect clips of my home here on the blog. I say 'picture perfect' because in reality it is far from perfect, but it is home nonetheless. Cait's post has reminded me that it is important to live in your home, create memories there, and have adventures there. Sometimes I feel like I am too concerned with the mess something will make (and that I will have to clean up) to actually have fun and live a little.

So here is to making a mess and the memories that go with it: making blanket forts in the living room and camping out, baking cakes and cookies in the kitchen, crafting at the dining table, leaving the laundry to pile up a little, leaving a sink full of dishes, letting the vacuuming wait another day, and just taking a deep breath and reminding myself that a little mess never hurt anyone.



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