You Need to Hear This

Today I was just going about my day when I found this link someone had sent to me in my inbox. Don't worry, it is safe. It is going to take you to a YouTube video called 'Millenials in the Workplace'. I would have never watched this video had it come across my screen, but seeing as someone took the time to send it to me, I thought, why not? Please watch the video before you continue reading.

For 15 minutes I sat and listened to every word Simon Sinek spoke. Unlike the title suggests, he actually talks about so much more than just Millennial's in the workplace, and I finished the video feeling inspired and motivated. It was a wake up call, one I have been needing for a while now. I've always known social media has a way of ultimately brining me down even if I think it is doing the opposite. I have known for a long time that being on it so often is taking away from real life moments and connections. I have known that I need to do something about it, but the temptation and ease of inaction has stuck with me and I am yet to do anything about it because as stupid as it sounds, I'm scared. Scared to delete my Facebook account. Scared to delete my Pinterest account. Scared I'm going to miss out on something, somehow. But the sad truth of it is that I've already been missing out for a really long time. Missing out on real connections, real ideas, real inspiration, real discovery, real friendships.

I couldn't believe how much of what was said in that video applied directly to me, and so many others that I know. Oh how different our lives would be if we simply chose to step across the line of our comfort zone's we've somehow managed to box ourselves into.

This video has inspired me to challenge myself to a lot more than just another 30 day social media challenge...

Here is what I want to do:

- Delete Facebook
- Delete Pinterest
- I will allow myself to keep 1 social media outlet, and that will be Instagram. I love taking pictures of all the things I am grateful for so it is like a picture journal for me. I am however going to go through the list of people I follow and greatly reduce it to ensure that the content I do expose myself to is worth while
- Charge my cell phone outside of the bedroom and buy an alarm clock
- Leave my phone at home, in my bag, or on silent when I am hanging out with friends, or family
- Keep my cell phone out of meetings at work, and while I am at my desk ensure my phone is in my bag where I can't have constant access to it
- I may even stop listening to music on YouTube and start buying CD's again with a mini CD player. Not 100% set on this one just yet though.

After watching this video do you feel inspired and motivated?



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