The Platinum Rule

As a kid I was always taught the Golden Rule: to treat others the way you want to be treated, and now as an adult I can appreciate the sentiment - if you don't like being called names, then don't call people names for example - but there is one problem with the Golden Rule, and that is that it's 'me' centred; It makes me the centre of the universe and assumes that everyone wants to be treated exactly the way I want to be treated. We are all so wonderfully unique in so many ways that it is impossible to expect everyone (or anyone for that matter!) to want to be treated the same way that I want to be treated. The Golden Rule is great for children, but as an adult I think the Platinum Rule speaks to a higher level of respect for those around us whether that be strangers, family, friends, or animals.

The Platinum Rule: Treat others the way they want to be treated.

When I first heard The Platinum Rule it blew my mind. I immediately thought back to all of the times I've treated others in a way that I want to be treated, only to be surprised by their negative reaction when I did so. Take my Mum and Sister for example - they are such individual and wonderful women who are completely unique, and while we share a lot of things in common, we are also different in many ways; I like people to be upfront and honest with me, and call me out on things I do wrong or could improve on - I take it as constructive criticism. My Mum and Sister on the other hand take it far more personally, and see it as a personal flaw in their being, so treating them the way I want to be treated doesn't work for any of us. This isn't about being politically correct, but is instead about being receptive and respectful to those around us. It makes sense that we should treat others the way they wish to be treated.

A very simple example is gift giving. Why would we pick a gift we would want, and then give it to someone else? It makes no sense - just because I like fuzzy bunny slippers does not mean that everyone else does too, so instead we buy or make something that the recipient of the gift would like because gift giving ought to be about the recipient, and not the giver. When we treat someone a certain way it ought to be about them, and not about us. If you implement this into your relationships you have with others I guarantee you will notice a big difference in how you are received and how others react towards you.

Have you ever heard of the Platinum Rule before, and have you noticed a difference in your relationships since you've began to use it?



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