Choosing Your Words Wisely

The more I browse the internet these days the more I read blog titles like: Top 10 Beauty Essentials, 6 Makeup Must Haves, Pay Day Wish List, 15 Things You Need, How to Make More Money, and 6 Things You Have to Do In *insert exotic destination here*.

And I have a bit of a problem with that.

Words have great power, and once they are spoken or read they can't be undone. With titles like the ones mentioned above it is easy to start reading these blog posts and watching these YouTube videos and start to feel like your life sucks just a little bit a lot, because you don't have those things. It perpetuates the idea that things and stuff can bring you happiness. It perpetuates the wanting of more instead of less. It perpetuates unhappiness because there will never be enough 'more'. There will always be something else you don't have, something else that you 'need', another place you 'should' visit, another list of 'essentials' ... Maybe I'm being picky. Maybe I'm being like that really annoying kid in class who always says 'I'm going to tell on you' as soon as you do anything even remotely wrong, but every time I see things like '10 Summer Essentials' I actually feel frustrated. The definition of the word essential is 'absolutely necessary' and makeup products, clothes, head bands and whatever else you consider to be a summer essential aren't all that essential. Perhaps it would be better titled '10 Summer Things That Would Be Really Nice To Have But If You Don't That's Okay Because There is More To Life Than Stuff and You Alone Are Enough'. I am joking. Obviously... I just think that words are an incredibly powerful tool that we have been gifted with as a means of communication so I think it is important to be accurate and to say what we actually mean, you know?

In case you are wondering yes I am that person that says 'No you aren't starving, children in Africa are starving, homeless children are starving, you my friend are simply hungry'. Yes. That's me.

Rant over. Soap box back under the bed. You get the idea.



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