Not All of Us Need To Shine

"Not all of us need to shine".

I read that somewhere in one of the many articles I've read on the internet, and like most articles I didn't think to save it. It took a few days for the meaning of this simple sentence to sink in, and when I went back to look for the article to read it again I couldn't find it anywhere. Throughout my journey towards finding happiness, I used to think 'when I have *insert shiny object*, then I will be happy', but the problem with wanting more is that it will never be enough. 

And so, minimalism - the idea of pursuing less 'more', and finding contentment and joy in all the little moments of magic that surround us. For me, minimalism has cleared the fog I was unaware I was walking around in, and I feel like I can breath easy again. Things that didn't matter before, suddenly do, and things I thought were really important in my life no longer are. Not all of us need to shine. Some of us just want to glow. I used to think having a big house, a couple of cars, brand name clothing, a job with a fancy title, and lots of money would make me happy. I thought that pursuing those things was a worthy pursuit. I thought that, that was the dream. I wanted to shine. But minimalism has shifted my perspective. The fog has cleared and I've been pulled out of the illusion. I no longer want those things. In fact, I have no idea why I ever did. Maybe because no one told me it was okay to not want those things. So what do I want now? I want a simple life, filled with little moments, and little miracles. A life filled with gratitude for the abundance I have. A life filled with the ones I love, because they are above all the most important pursuit. I want to glow.

"I make myself rich, by making my wants few" - Thoreau.

If you are wanting some minimalism inspiration I would highly recommend this article by Josh Becker. It is where my minimalism journey began, and I will forever be grateful for stumbling across it.

Happy reading.



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