Let's Talk About : Thrifting & Borrowing

Let's talk about thrifting and borrowing. Whatever happened to them? Why did we stop knocking on our neighbours doors to borrow a bowl of sugar? And why is it 'gross' to buy clothes second hand?

One of the many things I've learnt on my minimalism journey is the beauty of sharing, and the beauty of items pre-loved.

Borrowing let's me...

- Own less
- Connect with my neighbours
- Lend to them in return
- Build relationships through trust and helping
- Spend less money (if any!)
- Pool resources creating a sense of community

Thrifting let's me...

- Spend far less than I would at a big box store
- Recycle items that are still in great condition which is great for the environment
- Not contribute to sweat shop and low wage conditions
- Not contribute to industries that use items made from animal skin/fur
- Find items or styles I would never find in today's stores
- Find 'one off'' items

Seriously. This stuff is great, and I have no idea why we don't all do it more often. I do understand that not everything can be borrowed or thrifted and that is okay, but there are plenty of opportunities when these methods of consuming can be used before running to your local Walmart.

So next time you need something, like a few eggs, or a new plate, or an adorable baggy white cardigan covered in polka dots and sunflowers (yes, this happened) then why not try knocking on your neighbours door or stopping by a local thrift store first? You can always purchase whatever it is you were looking for from your local big box afterwards if you didn't end up finding what you were looking for, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to try.

What are your thoughts on thrifting and borrowing?



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