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10 Things To Stop Doing in 2017

I've been a long time believer in less is more, and the new year is no different. I keep seeing article after article about new years goals and resolutions that entice us to do more: more work, make more money, buy more stuff, and be more productive. As if we aren't all busy enough already these articles whisper to us that we could be doing better, we could be doing more. But what would happen if we simply said no and chose to do less? What if instead of thinking about all of the things we want to start doing in the new year, we thought about the things we wanted to stop doing? Besides, endings are often times new beginnings in disguise anyway ;)

Here are 10 things I want to stop doing in 2017...

1. Stop worrying

I am seriously such a worrier, to the point that I actually think it is unhealthy. I feel anxious and nervous a lot of the time, and begin to obsess about all the things that could go wrong and I feel defeated and heartbroken in the end even though nothing bad has happened yet. Worrying will never change the outcome of a situation so there is no point in doing it in the first place. I know this is easier said than done, but I am going to try my hardest to stop worrying this year.

2. Stop being a scorekeeper

Nobody likes a scorekeeper unless you're playing football. At the end of 2016 I realized that I am the scorekeeper in my relationship with Ryan and I hate that. Being the scorekeeper doesn't do either of us any good and leaves me feeling disappointed and hurt, and leaves Ryan feeling like he isn't enough. Keeping score doesn't help our relationship to grow and flourish so it isn't something worth doing. This year I am going to try to ditch the scorecards.

3. Stop comparing myself to others

I thought I had stopped this in 2016, but then I realized I often questioned the decisions I made by asking 'but is this the right thing to do'? Instead I should have been asking myself 'Is this the right thing to do for me'? It doesn't matter what other people are doing, or what works for them; This is my life and I need to ensure that I make decisions based on what is right and works for me, not what I think is the norm.

4. Stop saying 'I don't have enough time'

...because sure I do. There is always enough time if something is a high enough priority; By saying I don't have enough time I am negating responsibility, and not realizing that I have control over how I choose to spend my time. Instead saying 'this is not a high enough priority' really calls me to be accountable for how my time is spent.

5. Stop eating unhealthily

Health is a tricky thing, and even when we do everything right for our health it can still turn out poorly. The one thing I do have control over is what I choose to put inside my body to fuel myself so if I can make good choices that may benefit my overall health, why wouldn't I? That being said I am not going to cut out everything I love. Pizza and coffee are still going to happen, they just need to happen a little less.

6. Stop complaining about the seasons

Every year it's the same thing: In the winter I complain that it is too cold and that I miss the warmth of the summer, and in the summer I complain that it is too hot and wish the cold, crisp winter would just hurry up and get here already. I am constantly wishing for something other than what I have, and this attitude will never lead me to happiness. It is important to appreciate the seasons we are in (both literally and metaphorically) because without each of them, we could never appreciate the others.

7. Stop spending so much time on social media

While Instagram is my absolute favorite social media platform, it is also a time drain (read more of my thoughts on that here). This year I want to make sure I am taking advantage of the little moments I have to myself, and spending them all on social media isn't acceptable to me anymore. I need to use that time to do other things too - pick up a book and read, flick through my cookbooks and pick a recipe to try, go outside and enjoy the weather (in all seasons!), go for a slow walk, play with Tedder-Roo more, sit and just drink in the silence... I miss out on a lot of these moments because I choose to check Instagram instead.

8. Stop wasting my mornings

As of right now I don't have a morning routine other than wake up and catch the bus. Those are my two staples. I have woken up many mornings leaving myself with only 20 minutes to get ready and I end up feeling rushed and dazed. Other mornings I have woken up and have given myself 2 hours to get ready, and I feel peaceful and rested. It's not hard to figure out which option works better for me and it is about time I stop wasting those morning hours away.

9. Stop procrastinating

Procrastinating feels great... in that immediate moment that you are procrastinating in. Afterwards I usually feel crappy knowing I should have gotten something done but didn't. This year I want to stop procrastinating with things that are important. Need a dentist check up? Just go. Need an eye exam? Just book it. Need a family doctor? Go and apply and get on the waiting list. Thankfully this is something I already have underway for this year, but I am hoping I will keep the momentum going throughout the year.

10. Stop consuming

Okay maybe not stop consuming, but certainly cut back on consuming. It is amazing that once you have less you actually appreciate what you have so much more than you did before, and gratitude is the power to turn everything into enough. I want to cut back even more on my consumption of things and instead consume experiences. I want to stop wasting money on coffee every single day of the week, when having one coffee a week would be so much more rewarding and I'd feel so much more grateful for it.

What are you going to stop doing this year?



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