Always More

This is something I shared on my Instagram account the other day, and felt the need to share here too. You can find me on instagram @merrimentandmirth !

I recently came across @audreyroloff 's blog, AujPoj. As I read through each and every blog post of hers I discovered 'always more'. Always More is her mantra because there is always more kindness to be found, always more love to give, always more effort that can be put forth, always more to someone's story... There's always more. As a I try to move towards a minimalist lifestyle, I've noticed how easy it is to focus on the less... Less stuff, less buying, less clothes, less waste, less spending, but what about the more that minimalism offers? By clearing away all of the clutter and cutting back on the consumerism, more room is made for more of what really matters. There is always room for more. So the idea of 'always more' really struck a chord with me. On another note, I got this tattoo not too long after @ryanemzed I got married. When I was asked 'will you take Ryan to be your husband?' I answered with 'always'. This tattoo already meant a whole lot to me, a reminder of my vows, and to always and continually choose him. But after finding Audrey's blog, it now takes on an additional meaning and message: always more: a reminder that there is always more I can do as Ryan's partner for both him and us, and that there is always more to discover, learn, offer, give, and love in this life. Thank you @audreyroloff for the inspiration and for making something that already meant a lot, mean even more.



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