A Moment of Gratitude

Today I decided I really needed a moment of gratitude. I needed to take a moment, and insist that I consider all of the things I have to be grateful for, because it can be easy to know you have a lot to be grateful for, but it isn't always easy to feel that you have a lot to be grateful for.

My house is a back split with 6 stairs up and 6 stairs down and isn't all too different from a Mole Tunnel, or a Hobbit Home with its twists and turns, ups and downs, offshoots and dead ends. For my moment of gratitude it was important for me to stand in the centre, the heart, of my home and so I stood in the little space that isn't really a hallway between the living room, kitchen and dining room right in front of my 6 steps down.

I closed my eyes, slowed my breathing, and imagined I was standing out in the cold in a deep puddle of mud with nothing else around as far as the eye could see. Then slowly I began to imagine the foundation of my house appearing under my feet. Then the walls, the windows, the roof and doors. Then the carpet and curtains. The furniture, and the books, and the spices, and candles. The warmth, and the soft glow of the lights. The smell of food in the oven, and little Tedder-Roo either pouncing after his ball, curled on the bed, or rubbing against my legs. My family. Laughter. Smiles. Friends. Board games. Pizza. Beers. Cheers. Music. Then a heavy sleepiness and a full heart...

I opened my eyes with a sense of peace and calm washing over me like the heavy tide with a full moon. Oh all the little moments of magic we are gifted to bare witness to, and how easily they are forgotten until you take a moment to have a moment of gratitude.

What are you feeling grateful for today?



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