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7 Date Night Ideas for the Minimalist Couple

Date night is always something I have tried to prioritize in Ry and I's relationship because I am a firm believer in the notion that you should never stop dating your spouse.

Having one on one uninterrupted time to pursue one another is so important, but isn't always easy to come by because life is busy and other projects/plans/chores/tasks/events can easily get in the way. One way to ensure a date night is always on the books is to minimalize your date night by making them smaller, simpler, and needing less preparation.

Minimalism has played a big part in our journey this past year and has called upon us to be more conscious of the items we are purchasing, and to take greater care and have more appreciation for the things we have so it only made sense to introduce minimalism to our date nights too!

Here are 7 date night ideas that we have done, continue to do, or want to do in the future.

Go for a walk

Ry and I have gone on more walks this year than in our entire 8 years together! It is great to get out doors, hold hands, feed the ducks, and take in the fresh air together while talking along the way. It is such a simple date that really allows us to focus on the things that matter with no distractions, and aside from dressing for the weather there is no preparation needed!

Have a board game night

When we first met one of the things Ry taught me was how to play chess. I remember sitting at a table and paying more attention to him than the actual chess board as he was trying to explain how each piece could move, and now chess is one of our favorite things to do together. It is quiet and peaceful, but still inspires a healthy amount of competition. It requires us to think and be engaged together and no two games are a like! Choose your favorite board game, turn your phones off and just enjoy quality uninterrupted time together.

Make a bucket list

We sat down together last year over coffee and made a bucket list for 2016. It is one of the most fun things we've done and it was so neat to take it in turns adding items to the list, and seeing what each of us wrote down. We ended up hanging it on our fridge as a reminder of our goals for the year. Take some time to sit down together and dream about the year ahead!

Go on a picnic

It doesn't matter if it is indoors or outdoors, all you need is a good blanket, food and each other. Ry and I have a tradition that every year we have an indoor picnic in our living room. We use our designated picnic blanket that Ry bought me one year for my birthday, and we buy all sorts of different cheeses, crackers, chutney, fruit and some kind of sparkling fruit juice to eat. The past two years we've also watched a movie as we nibbled away and just enjoyed how relaxed the evening was.

Draw each other

This is a date night we haven't tried yet but I think it would be so much fun to sit down opposite each other and try to draw each other! Taking the time to really look at each others faces and all the little details that are there and trying to capture it in a drawing just feels so intimate. Plus it'll be an added bonus getting to see each other's drawings at the end of it!

Play 20 questions

This is one of my personal favorites and Ry and I will often play it while we cook dinner or after dinner when we are too full and tired to move. I love taking it in turns trying to think of something for the other person to guess, and when it's my turn to guess I always feel really engaged as I try to figure out what it is Ry picked.

Read together

When our relationship was long distance Ry came up with the idea of us starting a little book club just for the two of us. We'd take it in turns to pick out books, and we'd both have to read the same book at the same time. We would set a date where we would have to have read a certain number of pages or chapters and then we'd talk about all that had happened in the story so far. Since we've gotten married and now live in the same house it seems silly to buy two copies of the same book, so I think it would be great to snuggle up in bed together and take it in turns to read out loud from the same book.

What are some of your favorite date night ideas? Let's keeping rocking our relationships!

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