Through The Looking Glass

Minimalism is like a looking glass. At least to me it is. And once I decided to peer through it, the landscape I saw stretched out before me on the other side was so different than anything else I'd ever seen or known. Minimalism has truly been a window into so much more... more thoughts, ideas, experiences, and possibilities than I could have ever hoped for. It has made me reconsider my lifestyle choices, and it has led me down a path I never even knew existed. I've started reassessing so many areas of my life and while the change has, and continues to be slow, it is good. Oh so good. Every time I feel like I've hit the point where I think minimalism has done its magic and the work is done, I am reminded that it is a journey not a goal; It never ends, but is instead an intentional choice I make every single day. So what's next? Well here are some of things I plan to begin or continue working on:

  • Wear only all natural makeup. I am almost there! I still have a few items that are not all natural including some eye shadow, my mascara, and some facial powder but I refuse to throw them away because they are perfectly useable and (aside from not being all natural) good products. I wear so much less makeup now than I used to that it also takes me a lot longer to get through the products I have.
  • Continue to minimalize and get rid of things I no longer have a use for. I absolutely love that minimalism has afforded me the privilege of walking through my home and being surrounded by only the things I love the absolute most. I need to continue to question how much joy each item sparks and what it really means to me.
  • Begin to reduce waste. I have slowly but surely started looking into the zero waste movement, and while I am a long, long way off of being zero waste, and may never be, my opinion is that every little bit helps. I've already bought a reusable coffee cup I can use to take my own coffee to work, and I plan on buying a small composter, cotton food bags, reusable makeup wipes, soap bars, and tote bags.
  • Continue to simplify. This one is big for me. I am introvert at heart and enjoy alone time and being with my 'people' of which there are few. Being busy is not for me, and living and leading a simple life in my opinion is absolutely beautiful. Simplifying in all areas of my life has made such a positive impact to my well being and I would like to continue to ensure I embrace this in all areas of my life: the way I spend my time, who I spend my time with, my marriage, cooking, house keeping etc.
  • Reusing, recycling, borrowing, and buying second hand. This is already something I do but want to continue to do more of.
And so that is where I am on my journey right now, and my little introverted list loving heart is so happy about it.



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