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A Minimal Tree House Get Away

Ry and I needed to get away. We just need a few days. A few days away from work. Away from people. Away from life. We needed to be re-energized, and we were not going to achieve that staying where we were. We found this amazing little tree house retreat, and decided that it was the perfect place to spend a few days.

The tree house was expensive, but oh so worth it - the soul rejuvenation that took place over those two days were absolutely priceless. We went over Ry's birthday this past July so it was a great way to celebrate him, make up for the honeymoon we never had, and catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation. The owners Lynn and Michael were amazing - they gave us all the space we needed, but were there at the drop of the hat the second we needed them, and they even surprised Ry with THE most delicious vanilla and raspberry pie for his birthday.

The tree house ended up being so much more of an experience than I had anticipated. Being in the middle of nowhere, with no one else around was soul changing. It made me realize what life should be about - the simple things. There were no appointments, no chores, no looking at the time... The stars were brighter, and the moon was a sight to behold. Away from all the light pollution, the night sky came alive. Being surrounded by trees and fresh air had never felt so good. We spent our days laying in the hammock, reading books, playing chess, dipping in the pool and walking in the forest. The nights were spent talking, cuddling, roasting marshmallows outside in the fire, taking lots of deep breaths of fresh air, and snuggling Mimzy the barn cat. I slept like a rock while we were there; I never even realized that I slept so poorly, until I slept so well. We walked around barefoot the entire time we were there and I couldn't believe how good and natural it felt.

Life slowed down. Time slowed down. It was like I had walked through a portal to some other place where time did not have a hold on us like it does in the city. A place where I felt alive again, a place where the fog lifted, and I saw things as they were: beautiful, magical, amazing. I felt like a child again.

I will never forget the feeling the tree house gave me. A feeling I have been chasing for years, but hadn't found until then. I left a piece of my heart there when we left. I don't know if or when we will return again, but I know that part of me will forever remain in that little piece of paradise. If Ry and I hadn't already decided before that little escape that experiences were far more important than things, the tree house really solidified that for us.

If you are interested in booking the tree house for yourself, head on over to Lynne's blog.

Excuse my while I go and dream of July...



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