Minimalism: Struggling to Find Balance

As with everything, balance is key. Not too much, not too little, just enough. Right? But balance can be extremely hard to find, and that has been my struggle with minimalism. There are days when I want to give in and just keep everything. There are other days where I feel really motivated and want to get rid of a ton. But these extremes don't usually work out well, or feel all that good. A balance of having enough but not too much is what I am looking for but finding that balance can be hard. For example something I love is decorating my house for different seasons. Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons to decorate for because I want to make my home feel like a nest where it's all warm and cozy and to do so I like to buy bits and pieces that fit the season - a pillow here, a candle there, maybe a wreath or an ornament or two. But as soon as I purchase anything no matter how big or small, and no matter how many things I may have gotten rid of the week prior, I still feel instant guilt and remorse. I feel like I've failed at minimalism. One day while I was out at a local store I mentioned this to my little sister, and as little sisters often do, she taught me something: "You don't need to have it be all or nothing. You can buy a few items to make your house feel nice and cozy as long as you don't buy too much and as long as you make sure you like the things enough to use them for years to come". She had a point! I can be minimalistic while still allowing myself a few decorations to make my home feel like my safe, warm and cozy sanctuary. I decided to pick out a few pieces of Fall decor - some items I knew I would love and use year after year. I picked up a leaf garland ($13), a table runner ($2.99),  a few faux flowers ($20), and a pillow ($30). Paired with some candles I already had on hand and some string lights I already had, my place is feeling all decked out and ready for the Fall. I'm going to make sure I keep balance at the forefront of my mind as I continue my minimalism journey.

What have your struggles been with minimalism?



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