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Finding Meaning Through Minimalism

Welcome to Merriment & Mirth! 
I have recently discovered minimalism. I've always known what minimalism was, but I never knew what it could be... Minimalism found it's way into my life when I began to feel overwhelmed with day to day tasks. There has got to be a better way I often found myself thinking, and sure enough there was. I stumbled across Joshua Becker's Becoming Minimalist blog one day, and after reading his personal story I felt motivated to start taking a few baby steps towards minimalism by getting rid of the unnecessary and the unused. A little over 6 months into this journey of simplifying and mindfulness, and I feel like I can finally start sharing where it has taken me so far. It has had it's ups and downs, surprises and unexpected turns along the way but all good journeys do. The one thing I never expected to find along the way was meaning and purpose, merriment and mirth... but I'm not complaining.