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Slow Food Update & Easy Chili Recipe

Somehow we're already 2/3's through January which means I'm 2/3's the way through my slow food experiment. So far I feel like it has been incredibly successful and I plan on continuing this throughout the rest of 2018. It feels so much better to eat at home regularly instead of wasting money on constantly eating out, and I feel healthier for it too. The point of this experiment isn't for me to stop eating out entirely but instead to save eating out for celebrations and special occasions - to make eating out at a favorite restaurant something exciting again instead of the norm.

Here are some of the changes I've seen come out of this experiment so far:

+ I spend less money
+ I follow a budget for grocery shopping
+ I've become more aware of how and where I'm spending money
+ I'm learning to appreciate simpler meals
+ I'm wasting less food
+ I'm being more resourceful
+ I am using less plastic
+ I feel more in control of my money and my eating

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A Cheeky Christmas Weekend in Toronto

Something I have realized since pursuing minimalism is the amount of money that has been freed up for experiences instead of stuff. I dubbed 2017 as the 'Year of Adventure' and adventure we did (I'll share more posts of what we got up to in the coming months). Our final trip of the year was a cheeky little weekend getaway to Toronto where we relaxed, played and took some much needed down time before Christmas was upon us.

We hopped on a Greyhound bus and were whisked off towards Toronto; We prefer taking the Greyhound to Toronto because it means we don't have to worry about renting a car, navigating the busy streets, and paying for parking. Taking the Greyhound means we get to hop on and hop off which is easy-peasy.

We stayed at The Novotel on the Esplanade right in the heart of the Entertainment District. I can't recommend this hotel enough - it isn't anything fancy by any means but it is priced well in an excellent location and is incredibly clean and comfy.…

Slow Food Experiment + Eggplant Flatbread Recipe

I've decided it kind of fell into place that the month of January is going to be the month where I take on the slow food experiment. Food has been my security blanket, and has been for a long time. Changing the way I interact with food is something I wanted to change in 2017 but it never seemed to happen. Now that I am taking on a year of slow, there has never been a better time to tackle this once and for all.

If I am going to focus on slow food this month it is important that I take a look at how I currently interact with food and I quickly realized that I lean heavily on food to self medicate: If I have a bad day I make myself feel better by picking up an iced coffee (or three), a slice of pizza, or better yet a whole pizza. If I have a good day I celebrate by treating myself to a frappucino from Starbucks or Subway for lunch. If I am tired and not in the mood to cook dinner I blindly order Dominos online (you see the pattern here) and it has been happening for far too long. R…

5 Lessons I Learnt from 2017

With 2017 having come and gone and the new year already here, I want to take a moment to reflect on what 2017 taught me. I love the feeling of the new year - a fresh start, a new chapter, a new beginning - which is almost as satisfying as crawling into bed with freshly washed sheets and pillow covers, but there is something to be said for taking a moment of pause to appreciate the lessons the previous year has gifted me.
~ It feels good to face your fears ~
...and bloody scary too! 2017 was the first time in a very, very long time that I chose to step outside of my comfort zone and it was one of the best things I did for myself. I took a ride on Canada's Longest Zip-line, I traveled almost 1000km in one weekend as Ryan and I traveled around SW Ontario, and I finally booked those pesky dentist and doctors appointments I've been meaning to book for far too long. To some people these may not seem like a big deal but for me these were HUGE.
~ It's all about riding the wave ~

The Year of Slow

Happy 2018! On this exact day last year I read Cait Flander's post A Year of Slow where she talks about embracing slow living experiments for 2017. With the new year here I have decided to follow in Cait's footsteps and will be embracing slow for 2018. The word slow is going to become my 2018 mantra and will need to be repeated often but will hopefully lead me to slow down, take more breaths, put my phone away, enjoy the moment, smell the roses, and give myself room and space to just be.

2017 was a great year - probably the best year of my adult life, and that isn't because of the things I did but more so the mindset I adopted. I faced some of my fears, worked on my anxiety, and just became a little more me. Through all of that I have really felt the pull and call of less, and slow, and getting back to basics. I want to ensure that I do not continue to get swept up in the craze that is busyness, eating out constantly, spending too much money, and missing the special every…

When Christmas Doesn't Feel How It Should Feel

I've been meaning to write this post for a little while but... I just haven't.

Today I hopped over to Cait Flander's blog to see if she had written anything just before Christmas because I'M A HUGE FAN (can you tell?) and in her latest post she mentioned Bianca Bass's post Why It's Time We Removed the Pressure Around Christmas. After reading Bianca's post I realized I was not alone in how I felt about Christmastime and it was the kick up the butt I needed to finally write out my thoughts.

How is Christmas meant to feel? Warm, and cozy, and joyous, and special. It's meant to be full of sugar cookies, and gifts, and decorations, and family, and laughter, and good times, and good memories, and Christmas movies, and lights, and hot chocolate. This is what comes to mind when I think of Christmastime and how it should be. When I click on the TV, watch a Christmas movie, flick through the store flyers, or scroll on my Instagram feed this is all reinforced th…

Getting Back Into Alignment


That is the word my mind had been searching for, for weeks. Something had felt off, something didn't sit quite right, something felt a little out of place, something felt out of ... alignment.

It is amazing how sometimes all it takes is for our minds to think of a single word and suddenly and all at once it allows us to see the truth of a situation. As soon as I found the word alignment something clicked into place; I had a light-bulb moment, and knew exactly why I had been feeling like I was in a funk of sorts: I was out of alignment with myself.

For me being in alignment means having my thoughts and beliefs match up with my actions and how I live my life on a day to day basis, and somehow as if it crept up on me out of nowhere I was no longer in alignment with myself. As I began to think of all the ways my thoughts and beliefs didn't match up with what I was doing I understood why I had been carrying around this irritable and weird feeling in the pit of my stomac…